How to Be Alone

by Andrea Dorfman

Intimate video work, glowing with fresh autumn light and hand-drawn illustrations bring a poem by Tanya Davis to life.

Yoga Girl

by Smog and Fog Films

The “Whole Foods parking lot guy” returns with a look at Western yoga culture (including the lurkers). Namaste.

Giving Thanks to Turkeys, Part II

by The Perennial Plate

The Perennial Plate visits a Farm where customers are invited to help butcher a turkey for their Thanksgiving table. This warmly intimate (slightly graphic) episode portrays a connection not often experienced.

Giving Thanks to Turkeys, Part I

by The Perennial Plate

This eye-opening episode of The Perennial Plate brings you very close to your turkey. Not for the squeamish, it’s a realistic look at how a turkey gets from its farm onto the Thanksgiving dinner plates.


by Kirsten Lepore

From sand to snow, a transoceanic conversation via bottle gathers momentum and fosters a unique relationship.

Sweet Dreams

by Kirsten Lepore

An adventurous cupcake voyages from home to see more of the world and expand his consciousness.

Whole Foods Parking Lot

by Smog and Fog Films

Ever get heated trying to find a parking spot at Whole Foods Market? After a long day, David Wittman did. And then he turned all that energy into something else.